About us

Dr. Rik Gerritsen
Rik is trained as a physician. After certification he chose intensive care as speciality, he participated in the first formal intensivist training program at Radboud University Medical Centre.
He started the intensivist driven ICU at Medical Centre Leeuwarden in 1998. Questions about doing well for a patient and avoiding damage, triage and end of life care are important for him. He realizes that the patient is a part of a system involving their social environment.Trying to measure perceived quality of care is part of this drive to improve care for the ICU patient and his surroundings. Rik is married and a father of four children. In this project. Rik is co-investigator in the initial parts of the eruoQ2 project and is leader of the European pilot validation.


Dr. Hanne Irene Jensen
Hanne has worked a number of years as a specialised ICU nurse at different hospitals in Denmark before moving into research.She completed a master in Health Science in 2009 and a PhD in 2012. She is now employed as an associate professor in the Deparments of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in Vejle and Kolding Hospitals, Denmark and at the Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark.Quality of care for both patients and family members and ethics in connection with decision making about life-sustaining treatment are her main research subjects.

She is leader of the inital parts of the euroQ2 project and is responsible for the development and validation studies.


Matty Koopmans MSc
Trained as an ICU nurse, Matty became interested in the research, inspired by the work of Christiaan Boerma, Michael Kuiper and Rik Gerritsen. In 2005 she started as research coordinator. In 2013  she successfully ended her study at the University of Amsterdam as a clinical epidemiologist. In this project she coordinates the hospitals, the handling of the questionnaires and manages the database.

Mail: matty.koopmans@euroq2.org