2019 October

Two papers presenting quantitative data from the Danish/ Dutch phase with 1,077 family members have been publish together with a paper presenting qualitative analyses of free text comments.

A European pilot study is completed primo 2019 with participation of family members from Norway, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. A paper presenting data from the pilot study is currently being drafted.

The euroQ2 is by now validated as a single item questionnaire and available for family satisfaction surveys in Europe. Please contact one of the euroQ2 developers if you want to conduct a survey in your ICU.

As other similar questionnaires, the euroQ2 has an issue with high ceiling effect and is therefore not useful for measuring effect of interventions. Additionally, if combined domain scores are to be used, the euroQ2 needs additional reflective questions. A revision pilot process will therefore be conducted in Denmark, The Netherlands and the US in 2019/2020 to test both extended response categories and additional questions.

2018 PhD Rik Gerritsen

PhD Rik Gerritsen, Groningen, The Netherlands

On the 30th May 2018 I defended my PhD thesis at theRijksuniversiteit Groningen.
The subject was ”Family satisfaction with general and end-of-life ICU care”.

Three of the six papers in the thesis were from the euroQ2 project.
The public defence was attended by J Randall Curtis and Hanne Irene Jensen,
who both participated actively by being part of the opposition .

The degree of PhD was granted to me after the ceremony.

2016 November

The euroQ2 project is progressing according to plan. The Danish Dutch phase with more then thousand family members has been completed. Two papers about the results are in their final writing phase.
In the mean time the European inclusion is growing. Germany and Belgium have completed their pilot. Spain is underway and Norway is starting. The UK site is not able to start, so we are looking for a new English speaking hospital to participate. This is especially important since we would like to test a few additional questions about overall quality in English.
If anyone knows of somebody who is interested in participating in this project endorsed by the ethics section of ESICM we would like to get in touch.

2015 November

The euroQ2 questionnaire is translated and validated in 2014. In november 2014 the first hospitals started sending the questionnaires to family members in The Netherlands and Denmark, in september 2015 we closed the database.  At that moment  1078 questionnaires were returned (Denmark 573 and The Netherlands 505). We are very much grateful to all participating hospitals.

Participants :

In The Netherlands:

  • Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden
  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
  • Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Amsterdam
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente Enschede
  • Gelre Ziekenhuizen Apeldoorn
  • Isala Kliniek Zwolle
  • Deventer Ziekenhuizen Deventer
  • Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen
  • Atrium Medisch Centrum Heerlen
  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

In Denmark:

  • Sygehus Vendsyssel Hjørring
  • Aalborg Universitetshospital
  • Gentofte Hospital
  • Holbaek Sygehus
  • Rigshospitalet
  • Roskilde Sygehus
  • Bornholms Hospital
  • Aarhus Universitetshospital
  • Regionshospitalet Viborg

At this moment hospitals in Spain, Israel, Germany and Norway agreed to participate and started translating the questionnaire. Also two hospitals in The United Kingdom and Belgium were willing to participate. They can use the allready available English and Dutch version of the questionnaire.