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Knowledge about families’ experiences is very important in regard to working with improvement of quality of care for ICU patients and their families.
The Canadian questionnaire (FS-ICU) which examines families’ general satisfaction with intensive care and the American questionnaire which examines families’ assessments with the quality of dying and death (QODD) are some of the most well known and well validated questoinnaires for ICU family members. However, cultural differences make it difficult to use North American instruments for family surveys in Europe without adaptations.


To develop and validate a questionnaire (named euroQ2) for evaluation of families’ experiences of ICU quality of care.

Settings & participants

Family members from Danish and Dutch ICUs – and from other European countries.


Pre studies

2011 Dutch study with 100 family members using the QODD

2013 Danish prospective interview study with 8 family members

EuroQ2 validation studies

2013 Development of first draft of the euroQ2 (two parts; a eruoFS-ICU for all family members   and a euroQODD added for family members of patients who died in the ICU)
2013 euroQ2 translated into Danish and Dutch. Qualitative validation with 6 family members from each country (Denmark and The Netherlands)
2013-2014 First part of quantitative validation including 55 family members each country
2014-2015 Second part of quantitative validation including at least 500 family members from each country
2016-2017 European pilot validation study including at least 50 family members from Norway, Spain, Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom


European validation study including different European countries.

Additional validation study including test of reflective questions are being conducted in Denmark and The Netherlands.